Legalized Gambling Jeopardizing College Athletics – Is It True?

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In college the educating system tries to be as updated as possible and since we are in the globalization era, certain rules belonging to the old school are now easier to break in order to allow some vanguard adaptation to the learning process of the pupils.

Is It A Good Idea?

Now in college such kind of exceptions could be a lot more serious than in any other studying environment, and we are not talking about little changes like allowing to use cellphones in class or letting students go out of the classroom to have other learning experiences.

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Instead, we talk about real changes such as allowing the students at campus to legally gamble on the athletes in their alma mater.

This is what is causing some people to declare it as “jeopardizing college and its athletics”, a very bold statement that could compromise the reputation of such institution and tarnish the college experience of the students.

1992 Was the Decisive Year

To go a little deeper into this subject, since 1992 it was determined that gambling on athletes’ performances was deeply banned in the United States, a country with a very complex law system that not many are able to trick or cheat. Then, why is there now a rumor circulating that gambling on college athletes will be legalized? It is because this change may happen earlier than we may think.

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At the start of the summer of 2018 it began to be considered as a possibility to allow gambling on college athletes of college institutions of Los Angeles, with the intention of creating a bigger income and budget to the institutions themselves, which would be the ones managing the betting system.

A New Chance Is Offered

As a consequence, some gambling experts have stated that this may represent a new opened door to the world of sports betting and that they feel pretty excited since it was announced.

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However, some institutions stated that they don’t agree at all with the creation of spaces of such questionable practice, that also compromises the reputation of the college, as well as its teachers and student bodies.

In fact, they have stated that it is necessary to stop these kinds of hobbies instead of starting to even consider adding gambling to such a determinant life period such as college. “Do we want a society that teaches our young to depend on risks? What kind of society do you directors expect from this kind of education?”

Those were the rough words of a law professor that is preparing the students to fight against the gambling legalization in college, by exposing its fallacies.

This is a subject that still needs a lot of analysis to have a determined conclusion about whether gambling on college athletes is acceptable or not. Now it is your turn to think and share with us what are your thoughts on this matter?

This may be a cause of worry for society, a wake-up call to become aware of what is happening in our educational system and the law under the globalization of our civilization. Don’t be afraid and be part of the discussion.

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