Sports Betting May Compromise Athletes’ Safety and Privacy

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Sports betting is nowadays a usual practice for many fans. But some athletes are now concerned about the consequences such practice may have and lately it has been discovered that actually this common practice also affects two important aspects of an athlete’s life.

Their safety, and most importantly theirs and their loved ones’ privacy, and this has in turn also affected the sportsbooks, oddsmakers and bettors themselves, not to mention the fans that enjoy the sport for what it is.

Find the winner

On one hand, when trying to bet on the best athlete a bettor tries to identify the sport player record concerning the competitions they have won. No matter the sport we are talking about, all that a betting gamer wants to do is to ensure that he is going to bet on the winner.

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Of course, trying to do such thing implies also investigating the athlete’s personal life and even his entire biography, and not only the information available on the internet. In some cases they have tried to stalk the athlete’s family and even try to fish for inside information from trainers, and sadly sometimes they allow this kind of research just for the money.

Cheat the odd and win

On the other hand, there are a few that are actually dedicated to cheat the betting odds by trying to affect an athlete’s performance. In those particular cases they are criminals and pose a real danger for athletes because they can even attempt to harm the athlete that they want to lose.

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Their argument is that if the athlete has the best record in the sport, then knowing they are going to lose and being able to bet on the opponent could give them an incredible profit.

Betting has always been a controversial affair, and now you know how badly sports betting can potentially affect an athlete’s safety and privacy.

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